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Shotgun Barrel Length & Velocity & Pattern questions

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So I am looking at buying another turkey gun....

So the idea behind the 24" barrel is less weight and maneuverability, right? I mean there may be other benefits or reasons, but those are the main reasons IMO.

So my question is, if I chop a shotgun down to 18"-18.5" or even just 20", how much would that effect the pattern, or will it? I have YouTube'd it and most all videos say barrel length does not effect pattern as long as its enough barrel for the powder to burn (which burns up usually by 16" or so.... So I'm assuming that answers my velocity question about barrel length, but does anyone have any first hand experience? Done your own testing? Pattern testing on various barrel lengths with same load?

In addition, the tests that I have watched on YouTube have all been with #7.5/birdshot or buckshot. So I do not know if the Nitros or TSS loads will react any different. Hopefully someone with a lot of folding money has tried to test this, but with the price of Nitros and TSS, I do not think I will be testing unless I start a go fund me page ha!

If pattern stays the same or relatively the same, I think I will go with a 20" barrel to be safe on burning all powder.

Any help appreciated.
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