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Sig Sauer Mosquito

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I'm wondering about the Sig Sauer Mosquito Semiautomatic . I held one but didn't get to shoot it. Haven't heard much about them one guy loved his another guy said it woodnt even make a good trot line weight. What are the problems with them if there are any problems? How about accuracy ? What can I do to customize one? Basicly wood you recommend buying one? If not what semi auto wood you recommend?
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It feel really good in the hand. But you've got run cci's to get it run 100%. I'd buy a ruger myself.
rsm688 said:
There are a few mods you can do that will make them eat anything, just like with the Walther P22. I have done work on about 15 P22s that "were crap and wouldnt shoot anything but CCI" and when I was done everyone will eat anything you put in it.

sweet, I'd love to have one myself as it fits so well in the hand. I also think it would be a good gun to start the little ones with comp shooting. As it has the same controls as the full size guns.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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