SKS issue when gun is fired.

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    This is a Chinese SKS. When fired, the trigger group will disconnect at the front of the trigger group and would fall out if not for the latch just aft of the trigger guard. It will fire 2 or 3, maybe 4 rounds before coming apart. I have duplicated this a few times but am leary about doing it any more.

    The pin that goes thru the trigger group looks fine. The notches were the pin seats inside the gun look fine. The gun cycles successfully when it stays together.


    I have a Yugo SKS and have dismantled it for comparison and there doesn’t seem to be anything different as far as the way the pins and notches look. I tried to swap trigger groups and even though they are both SKSs, they simply won’t swap and I don’t want to make a bubba modification.

    With the trigger group installed and positively latched in, there is no movement within the gun. I cannot force any movement by trying to manhandle it. I cannot imagine the gun having enough internal movement to unseat the trigger group when fired. That conjures up a disaster scenario.

    I've had the gun for 5 years but it first did this disembowelment two summers ago.

    Ideas? Suggestions?

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    I had a similar problem with an older Chinese sks with the factory wood stock. The trigger assembly would latch in but it would pop out from time to time.

    I finally figured out that the old and well used wooden stock was warped. I removed some of the stock material where it was putting excessive pressure on the assembly and it was good to go after that.
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    Is there any gap behind the trigger group where it meets the stock? I wouldn't think simple recoil would be enough to knock the trigger group out, but if there is a gap behind it that allows it to move, or a weak spring on the trigger retention when it clicks into place, then maybe it is allowing it to bounce out of alignment.
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  4. SLBcmtr

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    This is a wood stock also. I'd like for you to look at it.
    You already know what to look for if it is warped.
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  5. SLBcmtr

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    No gap. I can't get any wiggle or movement anywhere on the
    bottomside of the gun.
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    I shot you a pm.

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    Per Ridealong's suggestion, I separated the gun from the stock and
    reattached the trigger group. No play in anything. I pulled and tugged
    on the trigger group with the trigger in both the safe and fired positions.

    The trigger group locks up tight and I don't see any unusual wear.
    IMG_3366.JPG IMG_3368.JPG
    IMG_3370.JPG IMG_3374.JPG

    There is a slight rattle from the receiver cover.

    As for the stock, I don't see anything that is an obvious rub. Sighting
    down the stock thru the opening, everything looks straight. However,
    if you sight down the outside of the stock, there seems to be a bow
    to the right in the wrist area. There is no flex in the stock.

    I'm going to see if I can swap stocks with the Yugo SKS I have and see
    if it separates when fired.
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  8. SLBcmtr

    SLBcmtr Got to get to the cabin

    Quickeye volunteered to look at it for me.

    Turns out, the stock has absorbed enough moisture over time
    to cause it to swell. Q-eye shaved a minute amount of wood from
    the locking tab area at the rear of the trigger group. I have gone
    'Merica" three times shooting 10 rds each time and it stayed together.
    Did some other shooting and it stayed put. I removed the trigger
    guard, reinstalled it and shot some more and it stayed together.

    Thx to @Quickeye
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  9. sodeepopkid

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    As Sheldon Cooper would say, "we did it." Glad he could help you out.
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    awesome! Quickeye is the best :)
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  11. Quickeye

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    I'm still workin' on it.
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