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Slow night at work

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by vr1967, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. vr1967

    vr1967 Rooinek Amerikaanse

    I have a 94 Winchester 30-30 that had a bad spot in the end of the barrel. Got 3.5 inches cut off, and now waiting on the front site dovetail to be cut. Instead of using the front sight ramp again, front site will be behind the front band like the SRCs.

    Was looking at my stock a while back, and dropped it, breaking a piece off the toe. Put it back together, and finally sanding it smooth tonight.

    You can still see the line from the epoxy I used, but that is ok.

    Forearm is with the barreled action, so will wait until I get that back to stain/finish them.

    Also filled in a sling swivel hole.

    IMG_7049.JPG IMG_7050.JPG IMG_7051.JPG
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  2. rigrat

    rigrat Semper Fi

    Good stain job with some darker stain and the lines will blend right in. Interested to see the barrel job. Did you have to have the magazine tube shortened also.

  3. Meridian_Mike

    Meridian_Mike Jim Bridger's evil nephew's grandson

    Good work!!
    Now that is the kind of gun work I LIKE to do!

    Yep, keep us updated!
  4. vr1967

    vr1967 Rooinek Amerikaanse

    First coat of stain. Will probably do one more then make up some Culver's magic paste to rub in the stock.

    IMG_7189.JPG IMG_7190.JPG

    And test fitting everything before refinishing.

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