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Discussion in 'Rimfire' started by Chris Boyd, Sep 13, 2017.

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    I'm in the market for a new rifle and am looking for something in a rim fire caliber. I'm a fan of the look and feel of the Mannlicher style stocks, ala 10/22 International and CZ 455 Mannlicher and the Mossberg....Sorry, but I forget the model. My quandary is in wether to choose a tried and true .22lr like the Ruger or to go with something I'm much less familiar with, like a .22wmr, .22mag or .17hmr. This would be a rifle used mostly for plinking and occasionally for varmit or small game hunting. Suggestions and comments would be appreciated.
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    I would stick to the cheaper to shoot 22LR and for me it would be the CZ 455!!

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    New or used? Bolt, lever, pump, or semi? There's some really good older rifles available for not much money, but you need to get hands on them to check them out before buying.

    My favorites for this kind of thing are the old (1939) Savage 6A and the Win 9422M shown here. Both are tack drivers. :)

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    Mossy would be a 51 or 51m. I just recently got a nice one. They are really good rifles.
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    Looks like I'll be picking up a CZ 455 Mannlicher in .22lr. Seems to be the best all around for what I'm looking for. Just have to find a cheap used one now.
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  7. That is a beautiful display, one day I hope to own one just like it . I'am also fond of the older 22's :)
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    I second Mascott's post. Shooting .22lr in the capacity you listed I'd go for something that doesn't break the bank. I've got a Savage Mark II and the thing is absolutely wonderful. Marlin is another cost-sensative, but well-made rifle. I've put holes through a lot of paper, and harvested a lot of tasty small game with my Savage.
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