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This will be sent out via the Team Magnolia mailing list as well, but in case there are some shooters not on it:

The South Mississippi Practical Shooting Association match in Poplarville scheduled for this Sunday, March 14, 2010, will feature 2 classifiers rather than the usual 1 as a make-up for a missed classifier last month. I believe they will shoot 5 stages total including the 2 classifiers. The match fee will be a dollar or two more due to the additional fees required by USPSA for the extra classifier. For directions and other information, please see their website here: http://www.smsps.com/SMPSA.htm

For those shooters looking to get their classification or a new classification prior to the Mississippi Classic in May, especially those in South/Central Mississippi and nearby areas of Louisiana and Alabama, this may be a good option if you are unable to make the Special Classifier match in Pearlington on March 21. While 4 classifiers are needed for an initial classification in a division, this match will of course take care of half of that requirement. If you have don't have one or two on file already, there are several other matches before the classification update in mid-April which should provide for a classification prior to the Classic.

In addition to the 2-classifier match at Poplarville on the 14th and the 6-classifier Special in Pearlington on the 21st, there will be regular single-classifier matches in Vinegar Bend, AL (http://www.mpsa.us/ ) this Saturday the 13th as well as Saturday the 27th, a match in Tangi/Amite on Sunday the 28th, and a Team Magnolia match in Byram on the 1st Sunday of April. The second weekend of April matches in Vinegar Bend and Poplarville would likely make the update for the month of April but may not. All matches are subject to cancellation in the event of bad weather or for other reasons. Please contact the match directors or check their websites if it looks like weather may be an issue. Nevertheless, there should be plenty of classifiers available still if the need is there. If there is a will, there is a way...

If you have any questions or if I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to let me know.


D. Bryant Chaffin
MS Section Coordinator
[email protected]

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Place Name USPSA Class Division PF Lady Mil Law For Age Points Stg %
1 J, Jeremy FY64276 B Production Minor N N N N 624.6205 100.00%
2 E, Michael A66557 C Production Minor N N N N 562.0892 89.99%
3 W, William A55097 C Production Minor N N N N 546.8263 87.55%
4 S, Alan A65920 D Production Minor N N N N 491.8925 78.75%
5 C, Kenneth A65429 D Production Minor N N N N 440.2633 70.48%
6 C, Derek A66859 C Production Minor N N N N 417.0420 66.77%
7 G, Cliff TY36956 C Production Minor N N N N Senior 416.4082 66.67%
8 E, Don A63240 B Production Minor N N N N Super Senior 367.5299 58.84%
9 E, Alan A66556 D Production Minor N N N N 362.3145 58.01%
10 B, Gene A436 B Production Minor N N N N Super Senior 353.6287 56.61%
11 M, Michael Pen U Production Minor N N N N 336.2895 53.84%
12 B, Bob A66653 D Production Minor N N N N 281.4172 45.05%
13 H, Mik Pen U Production Minor N N N N 193.1951 30.93%
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