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so many possiblities!

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Since the barrel is burnt out in my .22-250 i had thought about turning it into a .308 but once i measured the port on the action its .420" too short for a .308.

So im tryin to figure out what i wanna do, put a good .22-250 barrel on it and just shoot it or what other calibers use the .22-250/.308 boltface that is short?
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Yeah it will handle 308 or since you like long range and 6mms are sweet for accuracy I would make it a 243 AI or a 6x47.
haha dont have an extra 308 action. Man I wouldnt be looking for one if you havent gotten me thinking about long range shooting again. :pullhair: Im gonna have to start picking the threads I read/moderate. This forum is costing me money.
6BR is a good round it will shoot really tight groups, but it can be moody. Even without temp change altitude changes etc.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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