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so many possiblities!

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Since the barrel is burnt out in my .22-250 i had thought about turning it into a .308 but once i measured the port on the action its .420" too short for a .308.

So im tryin to figure out what i wanna do, put a good .22-250 barrel on it and just shoot it or what other calibers use the .22-250/.308 boltface that is short?
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woops.. forgot to mention that part eh?

Its a R700.
I was lookin in my reloading manual and .22-250 shows a COL of 2.35 and the .308 COL of 2.7..
No way a 2.7 COL is gonna fit in that action.

.243 shows 2.6 COL.
6x47 shows 2.4 COL

Thinking bout just putting another .22-250 barrel on it and selling it and getting a cheap .308 and build it or something..
HUM...trade for a .308 action :thumbup:
Rbelote said:
haha dont have an extra 308 action. Man I wouldnt be looking for one if you havent gotten me thinking about long range shooting again. :pullhair: Im gonna have to start picking the threads I read/moderate. This forum is costing me money.
HAHA, im goin by academy here in a lil while to see what they have. and a local pawn shop to see if i can find a good deal.

(Academy had a Stevens .223 for $299)
like i said,,, possibilites!!! :lol4: 6mmbr is over my head.. i might start reading up on it.
Rbelote said:
6BR is a good round it will shoot really tight groups, but it can be moody. Even without temp change altitude changes etc.
I think ill stick with the .22-250 since i already have a bucket of new brass and a bunch of old stuff..
mattblake said:
Ill make you a good deal on a .308
$20, ill be there in a few min to get it off your hands :D
1 - 8 of 17 Posts
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