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so my compact cdp fell apart today

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So, I was out shooting today with my brother and a friend on some family land, I was off at our Polaris Ranger reloading some magazines for my Compact CDP II, which my brother was off shooting a little ways off, and all of a sudden he starts yelling my name and says we have a problem, and when i holler back what he says "your gun just fell apart!."

So i get over there, and hes holding my pistol, with the slide off the frame, the slide stop in his hand and the left side of the and frame in the other hand. So I take it and look and the safety snapped off the side of the gun. He said it was shooting fine, and when he shot the last time the slide returned to battery and the safety just snapped off, and then the slide stop fell out, and the slide came off with the guide rod and spring still in it(luckily didn't fall though). I cant tell if there is any frame damage or not, I've never detail stripped it, so I don't know what it looked like before the safety broke.

I got this gun back in december, so its under warranty. SO I'm going to call Kimber Monday morning to tell them what happened and hopefully UPS it out sometime Monday. While they have it I'm going to get them to get the rust off the barrel, since I never did send it in when i noticed it a week after i got it, and I'm going to get them to fix whatever is causing to gun to fail to return to battery, which oddly enough happens only when the gun is clean(like within the first 20 rounds of shooting it).

While they have it I'm considering getting the "custom shop" to add a grip safety with a memory bump(I've been able to try out a few 1911s with them lately and have grown to appreciate them). Are there any other things I could/should get done while they have it right there???? because the Kimber site doesnt show what the "custom shop" options are, and i'm not about to call someone and ask for an entire list of what they provide.

I am planning on applying for my carry permit in the next couple weeks(funds permitting), and this is going to be my primary carry weapon, so hopefully I'll have the gun back before the 45 day wait period is up

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No one was injured I hope? Let us know how this turns out. Kimber has had some Customer Service issues as of late, but this has been about mainly about finish. They wouldn't warranty The finish on Warrior Pistol. This should be much easier to get their attention as it entails liability issues.
jakeg823 said:
Nah he was fine, just a bit of guilt since he was the one holding it when it happened. Before it broke it shot just like normal so there was no explosion or anything major like that
That's good to hear!
Will_M said:
The pictures are grainy but yes, those elongated holes in the frame are supposed to be there. That's what allows the part of the thumb safety that blocks the sear to move up and down in order to block said sear.

As far as him bumping it up, it can happen. Just as the gun recoils, if the safety is bumped up, the slide will shear it off. However It should have done more damage to the slide if that was the case.

Side question: If you have a manufacturer send you a gun back from repair does it still have to go through an FFL?
No it doesn't have to go thru a FFL when being returned for repairs, or when it comes back to you from the manufacturer. Logic is that it's already yours no need for you to have fill out the forms twice.
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