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so my compact cdp fell apart today

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So, I was out shooting today with my brother and a friend on some family land, I was off at our Polaris Ranger reloading some magazines for my Compact CDP II, which my brother was off shooting a little ways off, and all of a sudden he starts yelling my name and says we have a problem, and when i holler back what he says "your gun just fell apart!."

So i get over there, and hes holding my pistol, with the slide off the frame, the slide stop in his hand and the left side of the and frame in the other hand. So I take it and look and the safety snapped off the side of the gun. He said it was shooting fine, and when he shot the last time the slide returned to battery and the safety just snapped off, and then the slide stop fell out, and the slide came off with the guide rod and spring still in it(luckily didn't fall though). I cant tell if there is any frame damage or not, I've never detail stripped it, so I don't know what it looked like before the safety broke.

I got this gun back in december, so its under warranty. SO I'm going to call Kimber Monday morning to tell them what happened and hopefully UPS it out sometime Monday. While they have it I'm going to get them to get the rust off the barrel, since I never did send it in when i noticed it a week after i got it, and I'm going to get them to fix whatever is causing to gun to fail to return to battery, which oddly enough happens only when the gun is clean(like within the first 20 rounds of shooting it).

While they have it I'm considering getting the "custom shop" to add a grip safety with a memory bump(I've been able to try out a few 1911s with them lately and have grown to appreciate them). Are there any other things I could/should get done while they have it right there???? because the Kimber site doesnt show what the "custom shop" options are, and i'm not about to call someone and ask for an entire list of what they provide.

I am planning on applying for my carry permit in the next couple weeks(funds permitting), and this is going to be my primary carry weapon, so hopefully I'll have the gun back before the 45 day wait period is up

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Nope, that is the only time you dont have to have a ffl transfer. I remember reading the law somewhere.
That's handy.

It pains me when I hear my granddad talking about picking a gun out of a catalog (and friends of his ordering full auto) and having it delivered to the door like the morning paper.
Will_M said:
Side question: If you have a manufacturer send you a gun back from repair does it still have to go through an FFL?
It's been years since I sent one back so double check. I believe if you send one to the maker, they can send it right back to you. I have done that a couple of times with no trouble but it has been years and the laws may have changed.
Let us know what Kimber tells you.
Yeah I payed for shipping, but will probably mention them reimbursing me because it HAD to be shipped on next day air since it was a gun, so it wasn't cheap, but I'm not going to make a huge deal out of it as long as it's a one time thing.

And no ups and kimber told me that if an individual ships it to a manufacturer and the manufacturer ships it back to that individual then an ffl isn't necessary.
Will_M said:
The pictures are grainy but yes, those elongated holes in the frame are supposed to be there. That's what allows the part of the thumb safety that blocks the sear to move up and down in order to block said sear.

As far as him bumping it up, it can happen. Just as the gun recoils, if the safety is bumped up, the slide will shear it off. However It should have done more damage to the slide if that was the case.

Side question: If you have a manufacturer send you a gun back from repair does it still have to go through an FFL?
No it doesn't have to go thru a FFL when being returned for repairs, or when it comes back to you from the manufacturer. Logic is that it's already yours no need for you to have fill out the forms twice.
Checked the tracking number a few minutes ago. It was guaranteed there by 3:00pm and it made it at 10:25am, which is close to the same time it wouldve been in if I'd paid $10 more. Now the waiting game begins
update: kimber just called, they replaced the safety, polished the outside of the barrel, reemed and polished the port of the barrel(i think thats what the guy said, he's from new york and i'm from mississippi so there was a bit of a language barrier), tuned or replaced the extractor(i forget which), and he got my go ahead to install the bump grip safety, so they could get that installed before test firing it.

i'm pretty pleased with the time its taking and their customer service, they got it wednesday, closed early friday and were closed monday, so i think less than a week to get the warranty work out of the way is not bad at all, especially since they're bound to have others in for warranty work
Sounds like the legendary crappy service Kimber is known for.... not.
slabsides45 said:
Sounds like the legendary crappy service Kimber is known for.... not.
my thoughts exactly! i've never been more pleased with customer service before! my only complaint is the day of phone tag, but i was just as guilty as they were that day, except theirs was because the lines were busy, and i just kept losing my phone. Granted, the next time they call to let me know the pistol has been tested and is good to go, i may get a complete jerk, but i've spoken to the same guy everytime i've been in contact with them in the past 2 weeks, and he's been nothing but professional and polite.

if nothing else, they automatically get points from me because I didn't have to press 1 for english, and get stuck speaking with someone fresh across the ocean and in their first day of english as a second language class(not hating on anyone, thats just a pet peeve of mine)
i sure am glad glocks dont break. hahah jk. that stinks man
I thought Glock invented the "KABOOM"?
Yes, Glock did invent the Kaboom with the G22....First one I ever experienced in over 60 years of shooting was with a G22. The initial design of the disconnector, so I was told, on the Glocks allowed them to fire with the slide slightly out of battery--this was a bigger problem with the higher pressure cartridges. The G22 was not designed as a .40 but was a modified 9 mm. I would like to say, in my case, the problem was experienced in 2003 and has since been corrected.
I just got a call from jamie at kimber. My pistol will be back Friday! I believe jay is who I've been speaking with and he's been great! Jamie was by no means rude, he was very polite, just didn't seem quite as excited to be there as jay. But assuming my pistol is good to go Friday when it comes in then kimber will be getting nothing less than a perfect report from me to whomever asks.
It's baaaaack!!!!!!!!!

I think I kind of freaked our ups man out cuz I had the box ripped open and was admiring the gun before he was even out of our driveway.

The rust on the barrel is completely gone, the new thumb safety has been installed and the new bump grip safety looks great!!!

I field stripped it, cleaned and lubed it as soon as I got in the door, and dropped in a new wolff xp recoil spring while I was at it because it was slightly over due, but couldn't seem to hold my mouth right to get the firing pin spring out, and it was hotter than 2 hells outside so I gave for today and went ahead and put her back together.

Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to the mag for a few days to test it out.

I'll post some pictures up later tonight....this time with a real camera!
still not the best quality, due to the fact i couldnt figure out how to cut the flash off on the old school digital camera, but here ya go, i also included a couple of my new MS VMII.

i'm not all that wild about the 2 wavey lines cut into the bump on the new safety, but the way i see it when i'm shooting it will i really be able to see em? but they're growing on me quick

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just got back from magnolia. GOOD LAWD ITS GETTIN HOT! glad we went early! and the Kimber has definitely been fixed! I only put 100 rounds through it(didn't want to use up all of my ammo until i can make it back to the walmarket for some more federals), and she ate every round without a hitch! Normally I'd say I'd need to put a few hundred through it to be sure, but everytime the gun hung up before i sent it back, it happened within about the first 20-30 rounds or so, so i'm confident we're in business!

Kimber has definitely earned a good rating from me!
Great news!! Sounds like you are on cloud 9 NOW!!
captain-03 said:
Great news!! Sounds like you are on cloud 9 NOW!!
ha most definitely! i was worried i wouldnt be able to trust it, but barring no mishaps in my next few trips to the mag, i'm going to say its good to go
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