So, we’ve been trying the low carb thing

Discussion in 'Mississippi Cooking Forum' started by Jarhead5811, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Jarhead5811

    Jarhead5811 Rational Anarchist MSGO Supporter

    I’ve lost about ten pound in the last week and I’m not completely miserable.

    So far...
  2. rigrat

    rigrat Semper Fi

    Less carbs more protein, has always worked for me . Then I get stupid and junk food and snack out when at home...........and its back.

  3. jakeg823

    jakeg823 Distinguished Poster

    The wife just started the same thing. Which basically means I just started the same thing.

    Is whisky low carb???
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  4. doctor duck

    doctor duck Distinguished Poster

    No, try vodka!
  5. jakeg823

    jakeg823 Distinguished Poster

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  6. Jarhead5811

    Jarhead5811 Rational Anarchist MSGO Supporter

    Ha! I believe alcohol metabolizes into sugar.
    I was advised to lose ten to fifteen pounds before my hernia repair on the 16th or I’d be much more casual about the weight loss. I think it’s usually best to take the slow but steady course in this area but I’m kinda under the gun. So...
  7. Jarhead5811

    Jarhead5811 Rational Anarchist MSGO Supporter

    I’m fretting, a little, over the fact that if I lose much more, I’ll need a couple of new gun belts. I always have a black and a brown.

    ...or I could just get a bigger gun :p
  8. Soonered

    Soonered Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Its the only thing that works for me. I've lost 15 pounds, got 10 more to go.
  9. Jarhead5811

    Jarhead5811 Rational Anarchist MSGO Supporter

    I’ve counted calories, using an iPhone app, and lost about thirty pounds but then the Wife got pregnant...

    ...and now it’s eight years later but I only want to lose about twenty pounds, this time.
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  10. Brother_Love

    Brother_Love Distinguished Poster

    Where you guys go to get dome hood recipes for this diet? I googled it and found some pretty nasty looking meals. I'd like to try it if I can find something tasty to eat.
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  11. Jarhead5811

    Jarhead5811 Rational Anarchist MSGO Supporter

    “Dome hood”? Dunno about that but I’ve been drinking a 30oz cup of coffe with one table spoon of baking dark chocolate coco and a pack of sweet and low. (Had been putting a couple of table spoons of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup in there) After that I’ve been cooking bacon and fried eggs for breakfast, and either grilling, chicken, beef, or pork (on the Traeger) and/or sautéing peppers, onions and mushrooms in a small amount of canola oil. The Japleno peppers in the pic are stuffed with a cream cheese/sharp cheddar mix, seasoned with Lawry’s, and cocked on the Traeger. I could eat my weight in them but I’m trying to keep my portions in check, as well.
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  12. Gunguy99

    Gunguy99 Full Poster

    Steamed cauliflower with sharp cheese has always been a good one for me.
  13. Leonidas

    Leonidas The Beast MSGO Supporter

    Think it's "some good" recipes. The keys are side by side.

    LOL, I've done that.
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  14. onlymaroonmatters

    onlymaroonmatters Eat Sleep Jeep & Guns MSGO Supporter

    Low carb works. Basically the Adkins diet. Forget counting calories. My go to is intermittent fasting and all meat supper during the week. Then on weekends for a meal or two will cheat just a little. Nothing but water and black coffee. Annnnnd Jameson (or other form of brown goodness). Hey, Better than a soft drink.
  15. Southern Reloading

    Southern Reloading Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Well I couldn't resist some advice from someone who has lost his weight about 3 times in my life!! Be ye careful with a no carb diet. I know spelling will be off but you need carbs to keep your ureatha gland producing ureatha. This is at the bottom of your kidneys. Eat like a serving of some kind of carbs everyday. Just a regular serving, Grits, rice, potato , slice of bread. That will keep it going. Also losing and gaining it back is the worse thing. Like what I've done my entire life! Finally had lapband in 08 an lost 209pounds. Bad thing is have gained 80 back!! Now losing and have lose 32 of the 80 back!! It sucks, but such is life!
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  16. maxhush

    maxhush Distinguished Poster

    NW MS
    Tequilla, but I've heard that in many women it has been found to metabolize into a bambino about 9 months later.
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  17. I've been doing the Whole Foods plant based diet, works for me and easy to wrap my head around the concept. :)
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  18. bubbat

    bubbat Gatekeeper to my corner of Hell.

    I have lost 55lbs in the last year without going on any special diet, just by cutting back on the soft drinks, junk food and eating less.
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  19. Jarhead5811

    Jarhead5811 Rational Anarchist MSGO Supporter

    That is the route I plan to take, after this surgery. Well, that and exercise.
  20. mascott

    mascott Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    I have lost and kept off about 75 pounds since last January. Went from a tight 42 pants to a fairly loose 34. Went from a size 56 jacket to a 50!? I had forgot I had muscle. As of last July, my complete blood work was perfect! Never, ever has happened before.