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So what is tomorrow supposed to be l for hunting?

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Just curious if anyone knows what its supposed to be like for hunting in central Mississippi tomorrow? Just wondering if conditions are gonna be favorable or not. I'm itching to kill 1 and Miss Hammer is "predicting" tomorrow is my day. She said she just knows I will kill a deer in the morning. LOL I love how certain she is. I can't find a good website to give me a good idea of conditions and stuff for tomorrow so figure I would just ask y'all.
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Well, its foggy as all get out, about 46° and 2-5mph SE wind over in jasper co. havent seen any yet but have been here an hour but when the fog lifts it should get nice and theg should start moving
Yea that does suck, atleast you have seen something I havent seen squat but crows
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