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So what is tomorrow supposed to be l for hunting?

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Just curious if anyone knows what its supposed to be like for hunting in central Mississippi tomorrow? Just wondering if conditions are gonna be favorable or not. I'm itching to kill 1 and Miss Hammer is "predicting" tomorrow is my day. She said she just knows I will kill a deer in the morning. LOL I love how certain she is. I can't find a good website to give me a good idea of conditions and stuff for tomorrow so figure I would just ask y'all.
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I would but we don't hunt on Sundays.Gonna try to go in the morning.
Ok folks here I set on my stand chillaxin waiting on the deer and enjoying mother nature. Its a little windy but not bad. Saw one on my way to stand. My paw in law and I spooked it with the 4 wheeler unfortunatle but hey at least I know they moving this morning. There is achill in the air but its not to cold to not be comfortable sitting up here.
Not an ounce of fog here thankfully or it would be a LONG morning for me.
I hope this is a good omen for me. I'm hunting in my brother in laws stand(he lives in SC now) for the first time ever. Well I turn around and happen to notice a deer rub about 20 yards from the stand. No I haven't done any scouting back here cause I normally hunt in the front of. My in laws land and leave the rest for Hammer and the in laws. Let's hope the buck that made it decides to come check out the acorn crop in this here bottom bellow my stand and offers me a nice shot.
GRRRR I just had to let an 8 walk by and hope he came out in the creek bottom to feed cause he came out from bellow a hill and had a tree and brush covering his body to much for a clean shot. So here I still set hoping he comes back where I can get a shot or that something else comes strolling by. Story of my life for this hunting season is deer behind brush. I think I'm gonna be clearing some shooting lanes here real soon!!!
Yes indeed it does SUCK but I couldn't risk taking a bad shot and only wounding him or missing so it was best to let him walk especially since he didn't even know I was here and watching him. Now at least he won't be feeling any hunting pressure from me and will keep coming thru here so maybe I can get a shot on him later.
Yup I saw the buck I let walk about 7:30
Yup that's what I was thinking myself.
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