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So what is tomorrow supposed to be l for hunting?

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Just curious if anyone knows what its supposed to be like for hunting in central Mississippi tomorrow? Just wondering if conditions are gonna be favorable or not. I'm itching to kill 1 and Miss Hammer is "predicting" tomorrow is my day. She said she just knows I will kill a deer in the morning. LOL I love how certain she is. I can't find a good website to give me a good idea of conditions and stuff for tomorrow so figure I would just ask y'all.
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Can't kill one laying in bed....

mid 60's tomorrow...slight chance of a bit of rain maybe later tomorrow night

cold front coming through tomorrow night...Sunday am will be below freezing at daylight...I'm gonna try and be there both days

Good Luck
I'd say about 7:15 this am was a good time to be there

This am's kill

too windy to shoot 22's today Cap.
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I've never claimed to be much of a deer hunter...

8 point, 15 inch beams, 13 inch spread...scale said 170's..but I think that's light

was chasing a doe in a food plot this am..grunting away...just like it happens on TV....The whole thing was about as perfect as I've ever seen...

I still don't like the way the 444 Marlin kills out of a Handi rifle

Gave the meat to a buddy at work....so it was a good am.

Gonna go get the Christmas Tree now...while I'm in a good mood!
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