So... where do I put my .357 now?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by Doc1, May 22, 2020.

  1. Doc1

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    So... I've been using an ancient Samsung flip phone for ages. My sister's husband recently got a new job and a new company phone. They offered to send me his old iphone X. Sure, I said. It arrived today. It was just the bare phone, with no charger, SIM card, cables or documentation. No problem. He'd removed the old SIM card because it had all of his information and the charger and cables worked with his new company phone. All good.

    So... my sister tells me that there's a little hole on the side of the phone that you have to depress with a paper clip or the Apple tool to install or remove the SIM card. Well, there was no Apple tool with the phone, so I grabbed a paperclip and went to push into the little hole and remove card holder - except that there's no hole. I called my sister back and she told me that the hole was very tiny. Okey dokey. I started looking for the effing hole with a magnifying glass. Then I started looking for it with a 10x jeweler's loup. There is no hole, at least not where it's supposed to be. I messed with the darned thing for thirty minutes or so...

    So... I hand it to DW along with the magnifying glass. She examines it for five or ten minutes and carefully inspects the rubberized surface of the phone.

    So... "Hey! Maybe this rubber surface is actually a case!", she exclaimed.

    So... she hands it back to me and I pry the rubber case off and there's the little hole! In my defense, the case is so slim it looked like it was part of the phone to me (having never owned or used an iphone before).

    So... guess I'm just a techno-dinosaur. The iphone is a lot bigger than my soon-to-be-retired flip phone so I'll have to make some adjustments to accommodate my pocket carry .357 snubbie!

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    I think my Android phone is a Gen2 … I'm too embarrassed to check though.

    Moved to it after using a TracFone flip phone for years, like Gibbs. :oops:

    Yeah, I'm old too.
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  3. BellyTheKid

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    Hey Doc there is always the Mexican Carry option, and since your old school like me then you know revolvers carried that way is much cooler than an auto would be, carrying autos that way makes a person look like a gang member. lol
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    You can always get a belt holster...for your phone that is.
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    I'll keep it for you. Love and hold it with total respect. Even take it out to the backyard range every now and then.
  6. Blondie70

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    I still got my flip phone. Leave it inside most of the day. Ain't tethering to no phone.
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    @Doc1 Remember what I've said about iPhone chargers. Use a genuine iPhone charger because Apple products are one brand that will actually be damaged by 3rd party chargers.

    Since you are going high speed low drag updating things. You can switch to appendix carrying a polymer pistol. You know; like holding your pecker hostage.

    Here is another vote for bolstering the iPhone. There are more than one member on MSGO that does leather work.

    I'm also all for you open carrying a 357 strapped to your side! :D
  8. frodo

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    my phone holder
    fits on my belt, holds my phone,keys, and credit cards

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  9. gutdoc

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    My iPhone V fits in my pocket. A friend yesterday called and asked If had I updated to 13.5. I checked my settings and I still haven’t updated 12.
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  11. LOBO

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    Don't even own a cell phone. Most folks can't believe how I get by w/o one. Pretty peacefully & quietly for the most part.
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    Apparently it’s so old I can’t, but I agree with you. Apple would be one of the least likely to give up our info and from what I’ve read we can opt out or later disable the contract tracing. I’ll just keep the 8 yr Old outdated phone, For those of you that haven’t heard

    How to install iOS 13.5 and what it means for COVID-19 contact tracing