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Sold my LCP and got the LCR

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I finally found a good deal on the LCR so i went for it. Sold my LCP Friday and bought the LCR Saturday morning.
It already has a Hogue grip on it that fits perfectly to my hand. Trigger isnt near as bad as i was expecting and it breaks pretty good but has alot of overtravel. Its way better than the trigger on my moms Rossi 38spl tho.

i have a 24" gong down in the woods at my house and i loaded up some Remington 130gr FMJs and 4 out of 5 hit it at 75yds :cheers:

Ordering a holster for it today, Its super light at 13 ounces and handles +Ps well and doesnt have to bad of recoil i was expecting.
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Gratz on the new gun.
nonnieselman said:
bubbat said:
Gratz on the new gun.
You the fella i met at the match couple weeks ago in the ice and snow? shooting the XDM?
We met but I was just watching, not shooting.
slabsides45 said:
Nice gun! Been thinking about swapping out my Model 36 S&W for one of those...

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