Some of my Experiences at Camp Perry, Ohio

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    When I was 41 years old, I attended the US Army Championships at Camp Perry, Ohio. I was involved in High Power Rifle Shooting in the early 1960's. I was a member of the Elbridge, NY Rod and Gun Club. We had M1 rifles issued by the DCM and surplus ammunition. We attended tournaments at Ft. Smith, New York and shot at 200, 300 and 500 yards. In 1962 the DCM offered 1903-A3 rifles for $34.95 delivered. They were new in the oil cloth and cosmolene. I preferred the 1903-A3 because it was more accurate than the M1. We were able to buy WW2 issue .30 M2 ball for $.03 per round from the DCM.
    In 1976, I moved to McComb, MS and joined the Southwest Gun Club. I found out the M1 rifles were still available for loan to DCM clubs. We ordered 6 M1 rifles and 6 Remington 513-T .22 rifles. We were able to get training from several retired Marine and Army shooters and our club became active in High Powered Rifle shooting. We reactivated a 600 yard range in Amite, Louisiana and our club grew to over 250 members. We were issued 12,000 rounds of .30 M2 Ball each year and we saved the brass and ammo cans and sold them to support our club's teams to Camp Perry in 1984,85,86,87,88 and 90. Our team earned 30,000 rounds of .30 M72 Match each year we attended. The shooting at Camp Perry was an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life.
    We fielded a team of 20 members. Seniors and Juniors, alike. Some of our juniors joined the military and did very well for themselves due to the extra training they received on the trips to Ohio.
    The photograph is a U.s. Army member demonstrating the use of the M-14 rifle, during the Small Arms Firing School. All shooters at the Army Matches had to attend the SAFS to be eligible to fire in the Matches. I am also including a photo of our team in 1984.

    m14 shooter.jpg

    1984 camp perry team.jpg

    L to R: Marine Sgt. Rodrigues, Doug Bowser, Ray Nowell, Dennis Barger, Ken Callender, Frank Burns, Jack Withers and Sgt Dykes.
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    Byram, MS

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    GREAT post Doug ! ! ! Camp Perry is the one match I regret never attending. In the 80s I was full-tilt IPSC and NRA Action Pistol shooting. I did attend many IPSC US Champs and one World Shoot. Also 6 trips to the Bianchi Cup for NRA Action Pistol (plus a State Champ match at Southwest Gun Club - Thanks Doug).

    Fellow shooters from Magnolia that attended Camp Perry had great stories to tell.

    The 80s............................ the best years ! ! !

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    Great story Doug. Unfortunately us young-uns never got to experience the golden years of the DCM. :(
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    And, we don't know unless MORE of these stories are PLEASE post more, and pictures!!
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    Cool Papa Doug. Nice to see Mr. Burns in that photo.
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    great post!! Hope to read more!!
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    Good read Mr. Doug. I would also like to see more like this.
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    80s Big HP Match - p1.jpg
    This picture is from the "Big DCM M1 Garand Qualifying Shoot" held at Magnolia in 1983. Thanks to M1GarandFan for providing the original paper photo.

    I helped work this shoot, and my wife shot using my Colt SP-1 to get her Garand. We ran 575 people through the 50rd COF (all shot at 100yds) in 6 relays over two days. All 100 point relays were full except the last one on Sunday. 80 firing points had club Garands for the shooters. The other 20 points were for the "shoot want you brought" shooters. BTW: We discovered that day that many Rem 742s couldn't handle the rapid fire stages without jamming due to heat buildup.

    And yes...... we were shooting "free ammo". Lake City 30-06 ammo from DCM. Once the paperwork was submitted and approved, all Magnolia had to do was rent a big truck and drive to Anniston, AL to pickup the ammo. I wish I had a picture of that boxtruck parked on the range, which we issued ammo out of. I have never seen so many wooden crates of M2 Ball ammo. Each crate was either 2 - 50cal cans or 4 - 30cal cans. Do the math................. 80 Garands each relay, 6 relays, 50rds each COF. That is 24,000rds of M2 Ball shot in just the Garands. When it came to the rapid-fire stages (10rds in 60 seconds Sitting and 10rds in 70 seconds Prone) with 80 Garands shooting at once......... the ground was shaking.

    YES........... those were the Good Old Days............... :)

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    NW MS
    I went to Camp Perry for the SAFS in 1977 or 1978 (I believe it was '77, but I won't rule out '78). Stayed in the POW hutments. Was trained on the M16 (not A1 then and there) and signed for & was issued an M14/M (they removed the selectors and puttied up the go fast selector holes for the "/M") for use in the matches (choice of that or an M1 Garand). Later went back over during the matches in the 80s some Summers as I spent a lot of time up on Marblehead Peninsula (at Lakeside) for vacation and some weekends with my then wife. Good times, thanks for the reminder. :)
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    Great story Doug. Was Jack Withers a gunsmith in Woodville? I had a PPC gun built by a Jackie Withers over there in the late seventies.
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    I believe I won this match with a sporterized Swiss 1911 rifle with aperture sight and globe front sight. Score was in the 480's


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    Jack still lives in Woodville. He has been recently married and his wife is from Cape Cod. They Summer in MA and Winter in MS.
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    My dad, brother and I were three of the shooters there that weekend.
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    Thanks, I thought it might be the same guy. I only saw him twice, when I took the model 15 to him and when I went back to get the finished product.

    Jack Sellers used to talk about Camp Perry a lot, but he shot pistol in the three gun matches.
  16. How in the world did you get that many people interested and show up at one time?

    Really happy to hear that.:)