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Some of My Military Surplus Handguns

Discussion in 'Firearms Gallery' started by Firearmfanatic, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Firearmfanatic

    Firearmfanatic Distinguished Poster

    First is my 1953 Romanian TTC Tokarev in 7.62x25. Used as my avatar and definitely makes a nice fireball when fired! Next is my 1962 East German Makarov and then my 1990 Bulgarian Makarov. The Bulgarian has two mags both matched to the gun and also a maintainence log book matched to the pistol also. DSCN0449.JPG 000_0775.JPG 000_0776.JPG
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  2. sand_man

    sand_man Grouchy Old Fart MSGO Supporter

    Nice. I like the Maks.

  3. Firearmfanatic

    Firearmfanatic Distinguished Poster

    Trying to score a Russian Makarov from a friend of mine. We just cant agree on a price point yet. He wants more than I am willing to pay so far.
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  4. captain-03

    captain-03 Moderator Staff Member MSGO Supporter

    Have never owned one .... however, it seems that a lot of folks really like 'em!!
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  5. maxhush

    maxhush Distinguished Poster

    NW MS
    The actual PM Makarov was made by the Soviet Union, Russia (after the fall of the SU), Bulgaria, East Germany, and China. There are other pistols chambered for the 9x18 Makarov cartridge, but they are not actual Makarovs. The most easily obtained is probably the Bulgarian military surplus, and if you want one for shooting, rather than collecting, that is probably your best starter Makarov. Russian Makarovs (produced in the 90s for commercial sale by Baikal) are the next most affordable (and some folks consider them less desirable than a Bulgarian). East German Maks have gotten pricey and have probably the best fit and finish. Chinese Maks only came in for a very brief time before Clinton shut them down, so they are fairly sought after (and also have highly polished finishes). Actual Soviet Maks are probably the most expensive. The last ones to tool up were the Bulgarians and the Soviets provided the tooling. The Bulgarian Maks started production with all the final revisions that the Soviets had made, so they are a good choice for a shooter Mak and a military Bulgarian (double circle 10 stamped), IMO, is the best value at present in a Makarov. I'd say that the Bulgarian and Baikal Maks have the least highly polished finishes. There are also things like .22lr conversion kits made by Arsenal in Bulgaria floating around for them that have become quite collectible.
  6. Cliff731

    Cliff731 Danged ole' Hermit...

    Another very nice Makarov 9x18 chambered pistol is the Polish made Radom P-64... one for sale right now in our Classified Section...

    For Sale/Trade - 9x18 Radom P-64 with DeSantis IWB Holster

    I've examined a Radom P-64 and found it to be a very nicely made pistol... albeit, the blowback action on it requires considerable effort to cycle the slide... i.e. - this ain't a good "home defense" choice for some females or the elderly with diminished physical capabilities.
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  7. Jeff700

    Jeff700 Distinguished Poster

    North MS
    Same here
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  8. 22lrfan

    22lrfan Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Those are some nice Makarovs. I've got a 1961 East German one. It shoots great but launches the brass into the next county. Makes it tough when you're trying to reload it.