Somehow ended up with a holy grail rifle, sort of

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    Hey everyone. This past Joppa show in Woolmarket was sadly smaller than I hoped but with gun shows going on in Mobile and New Orleans at the same time it was bound to happen. Anyway I found this arisaka training rifle on a friend's table and managed to get him to let loose of it for $220, which was high but I had a gut feeling about which model it was based on the unique bolt release system and the style of the safety. After I got it home I ran it by a few arisaka trainer experts on another forum and I had quite a surprise. At first I thought this was a rare Nambu 7/8 scale Child's trainer due to the unique features I mentioned earlier but later I found out that this trainer was something completely different: a 38 type Nambu gun, according to an old sales add for it back in 1929. It is considered the transition trainer between the Child's trainer and the normal type 38 trainer and was only manufactured for one year in very limited numbers. Also according to the experts I talked to, one of which is keeping tabs on all of these that have been reported, mine is only the sixth ever to be found! It also had a school branding on the stock and I found out which school owned this trainer: Daiwa Youth School (I guess either a middle or junior high school by our standards). So far it is the only one reported that has an original sling, making it that much more rare. Go figure my rarest rifle is one that can't fire a live round:p. Anyway hope you guys like it as much as I do.
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    Congratulations on finding one of your personal "unicorns"! One of the joys of collecting C&Rs.
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    ................................ :yeah:
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    Thanks guys! This makes "unicorn" number two in my collection/ stable. My other is my French Indochinois Berthier that is one of only 80 known to exist in the world. Somehow it seems that I find the most random milsurps at these shows and find out later just how rare or uncommon they really are. I guess I really have the dumbest luck when it comes to milsurps:lol5:.
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    So does its rarity make it worth more than $220?

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    I think so. All of the experts I talked to about it said I got a hell of a deal but I never found out what these are going for since there are so few of them in existence.
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    Nice find
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    Everybody has a lucky day eventually, way to go.
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    Thanks. For me it seems like when it comes to milsurps I end up having more lucky days than your average person. Usually I end up finding some really rare milsurp that I either purchase before I even know how rare it is or help a friend out by finding something for their collection. Also there are the times that I find a really nice condition rifle and the seller for whatever reason wants either under what it's worth or is asking near full retail but is willing to haggle down on price (which usually ends up in me getting some great deals). Wish that dumb luck would rub off on other parts of my life as well:lol5:.
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