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Hey Guys Bert here with Southern Reloading Supplies testing the waters to see about a trip to Jackson Area, ( the Bass Pro in pearl) if folks are needing things. Thinking of Friday Nov. 18. We have primers, and 4,6,7.5, and 8 lead shot, powder, wads, cheddites 209
Shotgun primers, a lot of factory
Ammo, and all kinds of powder. We do
Have H4350, H4831sc, Imr 4064, and all kinds of other powders.

But we dont have Retumbo, H1000 or Rl 26 and at the moment don’t have large rifle
Large rifle magnum primers send me a text or call my number it’s below my name and Thanks for all your business.

Thanks Bert
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Currently need IMR 4064. Any 8lb jugs?

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Price large pistol primers and what weight bag are the shot and price?
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