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Southern Sayings and Phrases

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1. His grits ain't cooked.
2.That dog won't hunt
add some of your own that you like.
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My momma used to say, and I'm spelling it the way she pronounced it. "Well, I swunny."
I heard that as a kid; but never knew exactly what it meant (other than, "Well I'll be...")
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I have also heard and when researching it on my computer found that the saying has its roots from our native Americans, the American Indian tribes. that if you hear a owl hoot close by your house that it is a sign that someone in your family will die soon. I guess that it is from myself having some Cherokee and or Creek ancestors that I say a prayer and don't like owls hooting in my yard. We have a good population of owls here where I live.
I’m so mad you got me hotter than a goats ass in a pepper field
141 - 143 of 143 Posts
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