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The Southwest Gun Club will host its monthly High Power / service rifle match this Saturday, October 2, 2010, at our Bogue Chitto range. The course of fire will be 50 rounds, fired at 200, 300, and 600 yards. If there are shooters who wish to fire 80 round course of fire we will do so and pair those shooters with others (in the pits) who also wish to fire the 80-rd course. The weather forecast for the weekend looks good, it will be cool.
Sign-in will begin at 8:00 am and I want the first relay on the line ready to fire at 9:00 am ! I should be at the range by 7:30am for those early risers who would like to help set up targets and prepare the pits- thanks in advance!

If you need directions please contact me via email. I will not be available by phone this evening, but you may call me Thursday or Friday afternoon. Alternately, you may contact Doug Bowser, our club secretary, at 601-341-8797 or [email protected] . I do ask as usual that you RSVP so I may know how many plan to come to the match.

Phillip Zinke 601-341-8145
Executive Officer
Southwest Gun Club

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We had 6 participants in the SWGC HP service rifle match yesterday, 2 October 2010.
The course of fire was NRA Service rifle 50 round course. However we had shooters who wished to fire the 80 round course;
** indicates the shooter fired the 80 round course

Ben H. 443-5x / 88.6%
Dan H. 706-10x / 88.2%**
Colby O. 382-4x / 76.4%
Tony O. 358-1x / 71.6%
Phillip M 559-1x / 69.8% **
Kelly B. 340-2x / 68%

Phillip M. and Kelly B. both fired M1 Garands; all others fired an AR 15 rifle.
Thanks to all for coming out on a beautiful day. Hope to see you all next month on Saturday, 6 November for another HP Service rifle match.


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PhillipM said:
I had a great time seeing what the M-1 would do at 600 yards. :)
I wish I had my NM M1 with Douglas Double X supreme barrel. It would really cut the mustard at 600. 180-189 points. I became ill with Cancer and sold a bunch of rifles I wish I had not. THe M1 was one of them.

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