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I would like to ask all members to help out this Saturday. I also wish to invite those who live in the area but who are not members to come out and view the facilities, and of course if you wish to volunteer to work you would be quite welcome to help us! If you need directions please let me or @Chris Boyd know. The range is approximately 6 miles east of McComb just off of Hwy 98W, ie on the north side of Hwy 98, the road in is Edna Drive. We will have a Rimfire Bench Rest match prior to the clean-up work, so if interested please come early and participate in that. There is a post elsewhere about the match details.
This will be a great opportunity to meet our members and see if you would like to join our club. We are small but a great community of firearms enthusiasts, and the facility is a nice place to spend time shooting. We are constantly striving to improve our facilities with our small membership and would welcome new members! Below is the "official" announcement from our club secretary @Doug Bowser :

There will be a work day at the range on Saturday, March 18, 2023, immediately following the Rimfire Bench-rest Match that morning. We will have need of several volunteers to help perform tasks inside the clubhouse and outside around the range.

Inside Chores:
General cleaning to include: Sweeping, organizing, bagging and removal of trash. Also, we will be setting up tables and chairs in preparation for the following week's RSO class.
Outside Chores:
Repair and replace target carrier system on both ranges. Replace the ropes on the steel target systems. Clear and remove brush and debris from around the shooting sheds, target carrier systems, and elsewhere around the range.

Volunteers who can should bring: Gloves, eye and ear protection, cordless power tools such as drill drivers with drills and driver bits, circular saws, reciprocating saws. There may be need of a chainsaw and/or a brush cutter or heavy duty weed trimmer as well.
The club will provide water and snacks inside the clubhouse, and we will also provide those materials needed to repair the target carriers and the ropes. There may be need of someone with a pickup truck to run into town to acquire unforeseen materials, should they be required.
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