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Speed Belts, Mag Pouches, Holsters for USPSA matches

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I see a good number of questions about what gear is needed to shoot USPSA.

Not speaking of weapons here but the mag pouches, holsters and belts.

Of course you don't really need anything all that fancy...but in case some of you want to know, There is a fine fella named Tom at Action Shooter's Supply that usually comes up for every USPSA match at Magnolia Rifle and Pistol.

If you will call Tom in advance and tell him what you are shooting he will locate the proper accessories for you and give you a price. Then you can pick it up the night before the match usually. Tom is easy to work with.


Tom Duchmann (hope I spelled it right)

give him a ring...He'll help you out Tom is also a dealer for Dillion reloading products

Phone: 504-458-0093
Fax: 985-863-0539
PEARL RIVER, LA 70452-3917
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'Neck, I called him earlier and he's not going to be at this one. Did seem like a real nice guy, gave me some advice and was just good to talk to. Hope to do business with him as soon as I find out exactly what I want but that's going to depend on the pistol I decide on.
Thanks again for fighting through all the B.S. with my work's security to get me the info I'll need. Like I said, if your plans change I hope to see you down there.
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