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Speed Belts, Mag Pouches, Holsters for USPSA matches

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I see a good number of questions about what gear is needed to shoot USPSA.

Not speaking of weapons here but the mag pouches, holsters and belts.

Of course you don't really need anything all that fancy...but in case some of you want to know, There is a fine fella named Tom at Action Shooter's Supply that usually comes up for every USPSA match at Magnolia Rifle and Pistol.

If you will call Tom in advance and tell him what you are shooting he will locate the proper accessories for you and give you a price. Then you can pick it up the night before the match usually. Tom is easy to work with.


Tom Duchmann (hope I spelled it right)

give him a ring...He'll help you out Tom is also a dealer for Dillion reloading products

Phone: 504-458-0093
Fax: 985-863-0539
PEARL RIVER, LA 70452-3917
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Great recommendation. Tom is a great guy and a good person to have around. He runs the Mississippi Gulf Coast Practical Shooting USPSA Club in Pearlington, MS, and he and his wife Ramona have been major sponsors of the Mississippi Classic State Championship USPSA match for longer than I have been shooting. They set up a "mobile store" in the range building at Magnolia RPC during the State match in May, and it is a great place to buy reloading supplies or equipment. If you think you may want something, it is best to contact him ahead of time to make sure he has it. Bullets especially are heavy and he doesn't bring that many extras. You don't have to shoot the match to come out and see him. The State match is the third weekend in May, so during the day on the 15th or the morning of the 16th should be good.

This is his contact info from the USPSA. Numbers (and spelling of the name) are the same, but his email address is also included:
Thomas C. Duchmann Jr.
Home: (504) 458-0093
Work: (985) 863-0539
Fax: (985) 863-0539
Email: [email protected]

As for the equipment itself, you are exactly right that nothing fancy is needed. That being said, a good stiff belt is the backbone of the rig and just like with carry gear, it is very nice to have. The velcro setups are popular because you can get all of your equipment exactly where you want it once and it is always in that spot when you pick up the rig and put it on. There are several choices: CR Speed, Safariland, Gugas Ribas, and others. The popular CR Speed is very stiff and tough to beat, although I used a Safariland for approximately 8 years until I, ummm, outgrew it and got a CR Speed.

Holsters and mag pouches vary by division, but I can say that one of the quickest draws I have seen in a match came out of a Blade Tech Kydex "dropped and offset" holster. Emanuel Bragg used to shoot Limited out of one before he started training with and being sponsored by Universal Shooting Academy. Of course "Manny" is periennially one of the top USPSA shooters in the country. I guess my point is don't get caught up thinking you have to have one particular type of gear. Get what you prefer as long as it fits within the division you want to shoot. If you are not sure, ask different people what they like and why. Ask Tom. You'll probably get some differing opinions about what is "best", but it only matters what is best for you.
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I agree with Cliff. See my post above about the use of a Bladetech in Limited.

Kytac Sooper Hooper (Dave Sevigny's holster, or at least the one he used to use, not sure if he still uses it) and a
Comp-tac belt holster would be other good choices, but I don't know that they give any advantage over a Bladetech. I know of one person that had trouble with Kytac, but I have a holster from them and like it and have had no problems.
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