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Sorted 178 Speer bullets in 358 caliber, 180 grain Hot-Cor's by length of the base of the bullet to the ogive (BBOL).

I found a pretty significant difference in BBOL of .010 thousands. Thought some of you might be interested in how much the BBOL can vary for the Speer Hot-Cor. While they are great hunting bullets, they are not the most precisely made. Depending on how your seater die spaces off the bullet, might increase variability of the CBOL and/or COAL. Below is the distribution. I'll use the .400" - .403" to set up my hunting loads. The others will be for foulers, pressure tests and other work.

I use cheap RCBS dies for my 35 Whelen. When I load based on BBOL, I find my CBOL is much more consistent. If I load where the BBOL is within a .001, my CBOL usually stays within .002 - .003 thousands. I do have a Whidden Gun Works Locking die that I can add to my RCBS seating to adjust seat depth for each batch length. But, I just got it for Christmas and haven't had a chance to see if that might work in adjusting the seater to get consistent CBOL.
Speer 358 ogive length 20200105.jpg
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