Sporting Clays at Providence Hill Farm (pic heavy)

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    Today I shot a 50 bird round of Sporting Clays in the Home Builders Assn. of Jackson (HBAJ) sponsored shoot held at Providence Hill Farm. The course was 14 stations and a Duck Flush. This was my first trip to Providence, and that place is just plain BEAUTIFUL.......

    Team Group Picture.jpg
    The company I work for sponsored this team and was a station sponsor. l-r: Scott, Joseph, Dan (me) and Colin. We arrived at 11:30 for check in and lunch. It was windy and COLD then, but warmed up a little during the shoot. The shoot got rolling at 1:00 and went until about 4:00. Oh yeah, I meet these guys for the first time today... All are home builders.

    Score Card - 1.jpg
    I shot pretty good today. But most important, I had FUN.

    OK....... lets go to the stations.

    Sporting Clays Range Sign.jpg
    We started at Station 10 today, but this tour will start at Station 1.

    Station 1.jpg
    Station 1

    Station 2.jpg
    Station 2

    Station 3.jpg
    Station 3

    Station 4.jpg
    Station 4

    Station 5.jpg
    Station 5 (Some stations had 2 shooting positions, but we only used one)

    Station 6.jpg
    Station 6 (The oil rig was not pumping)

    Station 7.jpg
    Station 7

    Reached max number of pictured. To be continued.............
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    Station 8.jpg
    Station 8

    Station 9.jpg
    Station 9

    Station 10.jpg
    Station 10

    Station 11.jpg
    Station 11

    Station 12.jpg
    Station 12

    Station 13.jpg
    Station 13 (Sponsored by the company I work for)

    Station 14.jpg
    Station 14

    Duck Flush.jpg
    And the Duck Flush station. I have a video of us shooting this station. I will try to edit and post it tomorrow.

    Now for a secondary purpose of today....... Getting a BUNCH of shotgun hulls. I picked up about half of what I scored while shooting at each station. Then I grabbed a golf cart and went back to a few stations after the shoot to get some more.

    Hulls Before Trip Home.jpg
    Each of these sacks are almost full. This is how they looked when I left the shoot.

    Hulls After Trip Home.jpg
    This is want I found when I got home.

    OK..... OK..... Maxed out on pictures again. See next post..............

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    Bags of Hulls (final).jpg
    I now have a BUTT-LOAD of hulls to make into short shells (and other things).

    If you get the chance to shoot at Providence Hill........ GO ! ! !

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    Looks like a lot of fun.....wish I had the time for it,and the knowledge lol
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    Roll crimping to 2.5" ?
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    Sorry for the delay, but with the site being down and/or slow yesterday, I didn't want to fight to post more.......

    This is the video of our team shooting the Duck Flush. The guy running this station decided he wanted to plant his butt in the camera frame. There are 7 traps spaced around the area and each trap throws 10 birds in a preset pattern. This results in 70 birds in 2 minutes of shooting. You load as fast as you can to get back shooting...... :)

    Now for a few more pictures from the shoot.......

    Pavilion - side 1.jpg
    Pavilion - side 2.jpg
    Two views of the Pavilion. That thing has a nice big fireplace and a large Viking stove & oven. And a Viking under counter fridge and granite counter tops. Lots of $$$$$ in that pavilion.

    Fire Pit.jpg
    You could walk down the long stairs to the fire pit.

    Main Lake.jpg
    The main lake was North of the pavilion. That morning the brisk COLD winds were coming across the lake on to us. Once we got into the woods the winds were blocked and the sun felt GOOD.

    A great way to spend an afternoon..............

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    The short shells I make are roll-crimped. The loaded length is 2". I have found that going below 1.75" can cause feeding issues in pump guns. My 2" shells are not meant for semi autos as there could be feeding issues.

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