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Spotting Scope

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I bought a Ncstar from the gun show last year and its ok out to 200yds.. but anything after that you might as well forget bout it.
its a 20-60x60..

Somebody had a 45x redhead spotting scope at the last HI Power match and it was really clear and bright.

Im selling all my drag racing stuff so i have some money piled away for these kinda necessities. :lol4:

What do you guys have that you like.. i want something i can spot out to 1000ish, more along the lines of 600tho
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I like my kowa 821M (now its the 82sv) with the 27x long eye relief. They can be a little pricey but sometimes you just have to go with the buy once cry once principle.

Since you already have an inexpensive scope save your money and get a good.
Ya'll can look through my kowa at the next highpower match.
I was planning to shoot the carbine match tommorow but that appears questionable due to the weather.

Isn't there one May 8th? If so I should be there.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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