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Springfield Model 1873 Trapdoor in .45-70, DOM 1974. Customer brought it up from the coast for a sonic cleaning and repair. The Hammer Screw was broken off in the Sideplate, and the Cleaning Rod did not want to come out of the channel. Disassembled and found out the Cleaning Rod Lock was broken. Jumped on several of the Trapdoor forums to ask about parts and where to find them. Not something I would have in inventory. Sonic cleaned. While waiting on the parts I rubbed some BLO into the stock, so it had time to absorb. To remove the broken Hammer Screw I started with a 3/32” End Mill Bit to flatten off the rough top of the screw, then a left handed drill bit to bit into the screw body and removed the Hammer Screw, put in a new Screw. Replaced the Cleaning Rod Lock, Firing Pin & Spring (the Firing Pin Spring was missing). Reassembled everything and test fired.

Vance Moore

Whynot Gunsmith Shop

Meridian, Mississippi

Facebook: Whynot Gunsmith Shop

Instagram: vance_gunsmith
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