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Discussion in 'Gun Clubs' started by bbenea, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. bbenea

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    I'm in the process of moving back to Columbus, does anyone know anything about the Starkville gun club?  They don't appear to be represented here.
  2. PhillipM

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    Contact Jimmy Cole at the Boardtown Trading Post in Starkville. He should be able to fix you up. (662) 324-7296

  3. Scharfschütze

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    That's who I always dealt with; I was a member up there 1990-96 when we lived in Louisville.
  4. bbenea

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    Thanks for the info!
  5. Avery

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    $100 a year. Calendar year, Jan - Dec. The club is geared toward skeet, but is making improvements in rifle and pistol. Several 100 yd rifle and 1 or 2 200 yd rifle ranges with covered benches. 2 25 or 30 yd pistol ranges with covered shooting positions You have to call Jimmy Cole and go out I think it is on Thurs PM for a little safety orientation. He has a youth group that shoots indoor 22 weekly. $100 gets a key, they are not picky about guests. They have some serious skeet equip and shooters but I have never been into that so I have no details. Best $100 you can spend
  6. bbenea

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  7. deadhead

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    Anyone on here shoot skeet at the Starkville club?
  8. phillipd

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    Southern Reloading, aka Mr. Randy does. I've been over there once during a match to meet up with him on some powder. I was pretty impressed with level of shooters, way out of my league. Another buddy of mine used to be a member there, not sure if he still is. He has his own skeet and trap range at his house. I won't put his name on here, but you probably know him. If you don't, you need to meet him. I'll be glad to hook ya'll up. Gimme a holler, I'm off the next 2 days.
  9. DoyleAlley

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    Hold on - I'm here and I belong. Avery's info is a little old. Dues went to $150/yr last year plus new members pay a $100 initiation fee (at least that is what is was last January). The problem you will have is getting past the member cap. They wanted to cap membership at something like 500 and they already have that. You may have to wait until the end of the year when renewals come to see if someone drops out (many do drop each year so if you get your name on the waiting list then you'll probably get in). Membership runs the calendar year and they do not prorate the fee. So, if you join on Dec 1st you'd pay the full year's rate just for one month.

    I really need to get out there and shoot but it has been so blasted hot that I just can't bring myself to want to shoot.
  10. DoyleAlley

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    I've shot skeet out there once - but I'm not very good. I need to get to the range more.
  11. deadhead

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    Sunday afternoon shoots!!! Been there, thanks.
    I'll give you a call so we can visit a bit, been a LONG time since I've seen you.
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  12. deadhead

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    Already a member, just looking for someone to shoot with.
  13. DoyleAlley

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    Well, seeing as I'm about to be unemployed I could start thinking about some mid-week range time - especially if it will cool down a bit.