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I just wanted to chime in on the Starlight Case Company. They handed out gift certificates to several shooters for the Miss. Classic event this year. I had several shooters ask about them. 10 years ago I lived in the Pacific NW where it rains a lot and needed a case to keep my guns dry especially when I traveled. I noticed a fellow club member whose scope got broken off his rifle when he shipped it in a Docskil case. Some others bought Pelican or SKBs but I've seen both of those leak or crack. I did some research and found Starlight. Long story short I bought one and it holds 2 long guns and a pistol when I travel by plane or by truck. It has been caught in several downpours and kept all my guns dry. In the last 7 years I've traveled with guns that case has taken a beating and not one of my scopes has lost zero, and I've never seen rust whatsoever. These are not ultralight cases but stout, sturdy and watertight/proof cases you could keep your papers/rifles/golf clubs in without worry, and they lock solid. I don't work for them but am a very satisfied customer of an excellent American made product. This summer I'm bringing a treasured Garand back with me from Colorado-in my Starlight.
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