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Starting Master Bath Remodel at New House

Discussion in 'Pictures in General' started by SubGunFan, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. SubGunFan

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    Over the past month my wife and I have had a 2-3 man crew in the new house doing stuff like; caulking and painting the exterior, slicking the ceilings (removing the textured ceiling and making it smooth), removing wallpaper, sheetrock work at areas we are changing, fixing damaged areas in the walls, preparing the wall for paint and priming the walls. They are almost finished, so today I started my demo of the master bathroom. We are taking the bathroom down to the studs so we can see what we have to work with and if our plans/ideas will fit/work..............

    Tub - Before.jpg
    This is the whirlpool tub before I attacked it today. The floor was a dark green marble tile, but that was removed back in March along with all the other flooring.

    Tub - After.jpg
    This is as far as I got today. I did get that large mirror off the wall. The mirror is in 3 sections and the large center section is too heavy for me to move alone. It is resting on the tub.

    Shower - Before.jpg
    The shower before.......

    Shower - After.jpg
    And where I quit today. The wall between the shower and tub area will become a short wall and the new shower will be mainly glass and tile.

    Sink and Cabinet 1.jpg
    Sink and Cabinet 2.jpg
    The 2 vanities and cabinets that will be ripped out. That is for another day.... I did get the trim from around the mirrors off, but the mirrors are glued TIGHT to the wall. Might have some bad luck breaking mirrors................

    Opening Trim Removed.jpg
    I finished today with removing the trim around the opening to the bathroom. There is currently no door between the master bed and master bath. My wife and I both agree this has to change.

    The next project is the kitchen...............

  2. what are your plans for the kitchen ?

    are you going with a marble counter top? I have an elkay,lustertone 2 bowl
    stainless steel undermount sink, new in the box
    list is around $400.00 for a subgunfan Msgo member
    I might knock off around $300.00 .
    will be willing to take a trade..

    let me know if you need any help on the plumbing
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