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Starting over... What would you recommend?

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I tore my rotator cuff in 2 places 2 years ago in my shooting arm and had to have the surgery plus rehab. 6 months after surgery, I shot a few rounds and it left me hurting for a few days so I talked to my doctor. He recommended leaving off all practicing for a full year and let me heal completely then work back into it. Well, it's March, the shoulder feels great and I've got a big itch to go workout and shake off a lot of rust.

I figure this is my chance to start over and practice without the bad habits like cross shooting.... I'm right handed but would aim out of my left eye.(Long story but I got my right eye fixed and it's as strong as the left eye now.)

Soooo.... what recommendations so you have for someone re-learning? My ego is out of the picture so I can go as basic as needed.

Hit me, I need it! I've got 2 new handguns and 3 rifles that need breaking in!
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Practice dry fire like stated before. Run through the motions with drawing taking a shot reholstering drawing take a shot etc. Then draw shoot one target and the index and shoot another. Always maximize your range time and money by dry firing to start practice and dry firing at the end of practice. 300 plus rounds a day is nice, but if you cant afford it. Maybe 50-100 22s and 50-100 centerfire would be more than adequate.
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