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Starting over... What would you recommend?

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I tore my rotator cuff in 2 places 2 years ago in my shooting arm and had to have the surgery plus rehab. 6 months after surgery, I shot a few rounds and it left me hurting for a few days so I talked to my doctor. He recommended leaving off all practicing for a full year and let me heal completely then work back into it. Well, it's March, the shoulder feels great and I've got a big itch to go workout and shake off a lot of rust.

I figure this is my chance to start over and practice without the bad habits like cross shooting.... I'm right handed but would aim out of my left eye.(Long story but I got my right eye fixed and it's as strong as the left eye now.)

Soooo.... what recommendations so you have for someone re-learning? My ego is out of the picture so I can go as basic as needed.

Hit me, I need it! I've got 2 new handguns and 3 rifles that need breaking in!
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I recommend the .22 rf handguns. I have problems shooting with both eyes open. I had a brain tumor removed in 2004 and the nerves that allow the eyes to track each other were damaged. Unless I am looking straight ahead, I have double vision. I use an opaque occluder over the non-shooting eye. A piece of scoth magic tape on the shooting glasses over the non shooting eye would suffice. The occluder must allow light to enter the non-shooting eye. If light entering the non-shooting eye is blocked, it causes the shooting eye's iris to dilate to the size of the non-shooting eye. When the iris is at a larger diameter, the sharp vision in the shooting eye suffers. The technique can also be used with right or left handed shooters with cross dominant eye issues.

The Olympic Committee has determined that forcing a person to change the shooting style to accomodate dominant eye issues is not productive. This is only in stationary target shooting. Most shooters, if they are forced to change from right to left hand (for instance) will not do as well as with a proper opaque occluder.

Doug Bowser
Certified Pistol Coach
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