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Starting over... What would you recommend?

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I tore my rotator cuff in 2 places 2 years ago in my shooting arm and had to have the surgery plus rehab. 6 months after surgery, I shot a few rounds and it left me hurting for a few days so I talked to my doctor. He recommended leaving off all practicing for a full year and let me heal completely then work back into it. Well, it's March, the shoulder feels great and I've got a big itch to go workout and shake off a lot of rust.

I figure this is my chance to start over and practice without the bad habits like cross shooting.... I'm right handed but would aim out of my left eye.(Long story but I got my right eye fixed and it's as strong as the left eye now.)

Soooo.... what recommendations so you have for someone re-learning? My ego is out of the picture so I can go as basic as needed.

Hit me, I need it! I've got 2 new handguns and 3 rifles that need breaking in!
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Right handed and left eye dominate is a common problem....one I have also.

On pistol...learn to shoot with both eyes open...when I say learn...just make yourself do it...it may take 300 - 400 rds in a day to get used to it

On iron sight rifles and shotguns its a curse because you are shooting across the barrel...You can adapt easier with the scatter gun

scoped stuff no biggie...only shooting with one eye anyway...

Or I guess you could learn to shoot left handed
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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