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Steel Challenge and OutLaw Steel

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The national organization's site is: http://steelchallenge.com/
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Outlaw Steel matches are similar to Steel Challenge matches. They are not sanctioned so the way the targets are setup can and do vary. Movement might be needed to shoot the targets and the number of targets per stage can also vary. It is up to the match director how the stages are setup. The divisions can also be different from Steel Challenge matches. Since knock down targets could be used, .22lr guns might not have enough power to knock the targets down and are probably not the best gun to use. The exception is when there is a carry gun match. I don't recall any knock down targets being use for a carry gun match. If the barrel length is less than 4", even a .22 lr gun would qualify as a carry gun.

Outlaw Steel matches are fun to shoot. You just don't get credit for a rating of some type since it isn't a sanctioned by someone like USPSA. The safety rules apply to these matches just as they do for Steel Challenge matches.

I'm not one of the officials for these matches. I have shot several of them in the past few years.
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