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Steel Challenge on Outdoor TV

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I watched a show about Steel Challenge last night on TV. They highlighted the gear being used and one guy had a Ruger MK II with a little tiny red dot sight that had been mounted on a milled flat at he rear of the reciever. What kind, brand whatever sight was that or what would be that small?
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Didn't see the coverage, but the smallest ones I am aware of are the:

Jpoint - http://jprifles.com/1.6.1.php

Burris Fastfire - http://www.burrisoptics.com/fastfire.html

Doctor Optic - http://www.analytik-jena.de/en/DOCTER/Products/Red-Dot-Sight__230/

Trijicon RMR - http://www.trijicon.com/user/parts/parts_new.cfm?categoryID=13

There are probably others. In fact, the Trijicon model pictured here with the Doctor looks a lot like the Jpoint: http://centurionstore.com/trijicon-red-dot.htm I didn't see it on Trijicon's website.

I have seen a few USPSA open guns running slide-riding Doctor's. The Jpoint, I believe, was previously sold by a different manufacturer under a different name and had reliability issues. I am told that JP fixed the issues and brought them back out. I have only seen them as close range or backup sights on scoped AR's.
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I don't own either, but I believe the Doctor is an aluminum body with glass lens, while the Jpoint is a plastic body and lens. The Jpoint was formerly known as the FirePoint and the Tasco Optima. One complaint about both the Doctor and the Jpoint is that they need to be removed to change batteries. Here's another option, also with plastic body and lens like the Jpoint, that has a top loading battery compartment: http://www.insighttechgear.com/products-mrds.htm Sorry I can't be of more help on this one.
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