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Steel Q's

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting/Area Shoots' started by Rustyfingers, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Do you guys group by skill level? I'm a noob and it would be pretty humiliating to be put in a group with the pros. I'll have a G19 or G17 depending on if I can pic up the two extra mags for the 17.

    Will you laugh at me if I empty a couple of mags on the first plate and still haven't hit anything... LOL

    Plan on making the May match if nothing comes up at home.

  2. Golfer

    Golfer Distinguished Poster

    Don't worry about "ability". They let me shoot. We have shooters of all levels. Shooting steel will improve your accuracy

  3. para40

    para40 Sr. Curmudgeon MSGO Supporter

    Lamar Co.
    Everybody starts somewhere. Just do your best.
    Compare your shots to your last shots and try to learn from YOUR mistakes.
    Don't compare yourself to others in the beginning.
    Plenty of good people here to help.
  4. Dave

    Dave Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    They let me shoot these matches. I have been just about every spot from middle of the pack to dead last. Having fun is the most important thing for me. Sure there are some pretty good shooters at these matches. They also tend to provide some of the best information about how to improve your times. Don't blame me if you also find shooting steel to be a lot of fun too.

    There are age groups and there are different levels based on how fast your are. There are also different divisions, so I might not be competing against one of the people with a race gun with optics when I am shooting a 1911. I might come in 1st place in the single stack division even though I came in last overall. That is assuming I'm the only one shooting a single stack. Normally there are 6 people or less in seniors. Therefore, I should come in the top 6 since I'm a senior. Seniors are 55 to 64. There are plenty of ways to look at the scores. For now, I just look to see if I'm taking longer to shoot a stage then the last time. Your first match just gives you a place to start and you can base all later matches compared to that one.

    The best thing to do is just shoot a match and prepare to enjoy yourself.
  5. jdphotoguy

    jdphotoguy Distinguished Poster

    The single biggest thing you should do is read threw the Steel Challenge rules.

    I know it's boring, but they are pretty short and if you want to improve at any endeavor it helps to know the rules.

    As others have already stated we have folks at every level of ability and age.

    I'd suggest you start with the Glock 17, load the mags you have to capacity and shoot in Limited division. If after a string or two you shoot all the rounds in a mag, someone can load that mag while you use the other one(s).
  6. 9d up

    9d up Clayton Welch

    We normally "group" based on who you want to shoot with. That's what I think you mean. If there was a group of all beginners then none of y'all would learn anything and you wouldn't know what to do. Plus, new shooters, if they are not good, will take longer (obviously). Then if they were all grouped together that squad would take a lot longer. So that's why we mix new shooters with experienced shooters.

    So the short is answer is yes, you will be "grouped" with experienced shooters, but nobody will laugh at you for your shooting ability unless you make it comical. The biggest thing is to not take this stuff so seriously that you don't have fun. So it's ok to laugh at yourself and for others to laugh with you.

    As many above have mentioned, you can shoot for years and still not be that good.
    As far as getting laughed at, I laugh at my own stupid self more than most people get laughed at.

    Now for what the others are addressing as "groups":
    In Steel Challenge there are "classifications" based on skill level, but you'll have to shoot 6 of the 8 stages of the steel challenge to get classified. So for at least your first two matches you will be unclassified.

    All of this really doesn't matter though, because at the end of the day, our scores are one page, all together. Classifications are really only nice in small local matches like ours because you can track how you progress as you shoot more and get better. In bigger matches, they would do awards based on classifications, but not here.
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  7. Ordered a bladetech DOH holster and a couple of mag holders. I'll just use my old issue web belt to start out with if that's OK.

    Question about mag changes:
    Is the limit 10rnds per mag?
    If not, can I use the same mag to shoot two rounds in a stage? I've seen a couple of videos where they pull the mag and then push it back in. I can pick up a couple more mags and have 5. Is that enough?
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  8. 9d up

    9d up Clayton Welch

    Like JD said, put all 17 in there and shoot limited. Or, put 10 in there to shoot production and have a buddy load for you after a run.

    But you do need to buy a few more mags to have at least 5 so you can shoot USPSA/ICORE/3Gun matches with us haha. I shoot glocks and have plenty of mags you can borrow if you don't get more in time for a match.
  9. I should have the mags so I'll be good to go for that part.
    Thanks for all the great info everybody... can't wait to come out and shoot with you guys.

    Thanks again,

    9d up: Are you the guy going to law school at MC that I met on that Cooooooooooooold day back in Jan?
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  10. Golfer

    Golfer Distinguished Poster

    If he was really short, I mean really short, that's him
  11. Soonered

    Soonered Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    If you get grouped with me we can fight over the coveted 4th place...from the bottom.
    While shooting with those of your own skill helps the nerves a bit...less embarrassment. What I can tell you is I learn more from shooting with the better shooters. They never make me feel stupid or embarrass me. I do that myself and it is in my head, not how I'm treated. In fact, they give me pointers which I appreciate. If you can take suggestions, a little coaching, etc., the better shooters will help you notice and break some of your habits you don't realize. Danny pointed out several things for me this past weekend that were helpful. While they were small things to him, they were helpful to me.
  12. 9d up

    9d up Clayton Welch

    You came to the range right? And your son was looking at going to MC? If so, yes I remember that.
  13. Sum Gy Custom Firearms

    Sum Gy Custom Firearms Distinguished Poster

    OH NO!!!! Clayton say it ain't so!!! Please tell me you ain't going to be a lawyer!!! :eek::(:(:(
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  14. blkout

    blkout Distinguished Poster

    Byram, MS
    I have not made a match in quite awhile, but it shooting steel is additive. There is just something magical about the ring it makes.