Steelhead trout

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  1. GunnyGene

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    Aka "Eskimo Candy". Relative up in the great northwest caught a couple of these oceangoing rainbow trout a few days ago. The get purdy big, some going up to 30lbs or more, but usually around 15lbs or so. They spend most of their life in the ocean, and come up the rivers to spawn, but unlike salmon they don't die afterwards.

    Anyway, he smoked 'em and was kind enough to send me a couple pounds. I love this stuff, and this is about 1/4 of what he sent. No, y'all can't have any. :)

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  2. wllmkttrll

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    Well at least no green stuff on the plate:D
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  3. Soonered

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    Fresh grill steelhead is the best fish I've ever had.
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    You ain't had much fish then Ed!!!
  5. Soonered

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    I am an Okie, not much saltwater fish in Oklahoma. Second best was catching redfish and cooking it on the grill with the skill still on the filet.

    Randy, may you should cook me some fish!
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    I like grilled shark.
  7. Oldbuzzard

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    Fresh grilled dolphin fish not mammal also called Mahi or darado
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