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Stevens 311 8"

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Stevens 311 8"

SBS Stevens 311 8" short bbl Shotgun This shotgun has paperwork like a machine gun. It is a registered as a short bbl shotgun. It has paperwork. Been checked by ATF when I was a class 2 mfg. It is legal, thank you
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Re: Stevens 311 8"

If it has an 8" barrel, it can get you in BIG trouble. Delete the thread and remove the pictures. If it has an 18" barrel it is probably still illegal. The overall length of the gun has to be 26".

If this shotgun is not registered with the ATF, the barrels on the gun should be destroyed if they are less than 18" long.

I have no idea if the owner knows the consequences of the Federal Law. Many people do not know. I saw a post 64 Model 94 Winchester at a gun show once and it has a 12" barrel. No papers either.

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