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Stevens Model 94C 12G Hinge-action/single-shot shotgun

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Anyone of our members still have one of these made prior to 1968 hince no serial #. It was my Grand-daddy's gun. I took it out today to give it another wipe down/oiling to keep its' Good+ condition. It's from the Chicopee Falls, Mass factory which closed around 1960. I've never fired it but it's going nowhere. It's got the 2 3/4" chamber with the Select Forged Steel lettering in the barrel description. Savage had already acquired Stevens by the time of this guns manufacture.
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The c in the model # is supposed to mean checkered stock but this is same old dark stained hardwood and smooth. No screw for fore-end and 28" barrel...These guns were supposed to be full-choke and that's what it would appear.
RON55...good deal. Kind of wish this one had been in .410...
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