Sticky, hard to peel schrimp

Discussion in 'Mississippi Cooking Forum' started by cruiser, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. cruiser

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    Thought I would boil some schrimp this afternoon. Headed them and boiled unpeeled. Let them cool and started to peel. They were sticky and difficult to remove from shell, almost mushy. I know I did not overcook. I don't know how old they were or if that could be the reason? Dumped them all and ate a hamburger.
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  2. sand_man

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    Thawed and refrozen shrimp get mushy when cooked. Sounds like what you got.
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  3. mascott

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    Bring seasoned water to a boil, put shrimp in, bring back to a good boil, turn off and let soak for 90 seconds. Also add a little vinegar in with your spices.
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  4. stewbaby

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    A+++ on the capful of vinegar.
  5. SubGunFan

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    I am NOT a cook by any means..... However, I have heard that you should never thaw and refreeze any meat products. Is that true?

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  6. HotRod61

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    I was told that at a early age and still follow that rule. Not sure if it true or not Family owns two restaurants.
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  7. sand_man

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    My wife is head cook at a local elementary school. They have books on meat handling. Thawing and refereeing can cause freezer burn and render the most inedible. The flavor will change for the worse
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    94LEVERFAN Distinguished Poster

    Add butter liberally to the water. Help[s with peeling.
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