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Stock Refinish

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Some of you may remember I painted my Savage 10 FCP gunstock a month or so ago with webbing. I wasn't satisfied, removed it, then the stock REALLY looked bad.

I had it dipped in multicam pattern. Got it back today. Dropped it off locally on Monday and picked it up today. Much better than shipping it off somewhere.

What do yall think now? Better?
I've got a scope for it on the way. Putting a Bushnell Elite 3200 10x40 that Natchez Shooter Supply has on sale for 149. It has really good reviews so I think I'll be pleased. I do need to get a bipod for it also.

If anyone is interested, Liquid Graphyx at Stegall Body Shop in Jackson did the dipping. They charged 120. I'm also getting a set of pistol grips done the same camo. They were 25.

IF you go to have anything done, they are huge on referrals. Please tell them Robert McCaffrey referred you via the internet because I had pictures posted of his work. He keeps track and if you send him some business he'll take care of you on your next job.

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I like it, I liked the web job You did though also.
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