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Stocking up on food??

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I am going to start stocking up on some food you know "Just In Case" I think I am going to start slowly and try to stock up for about 3 months. How much do you think I would need for 2 adults and a child.

I think I am going to start with the cases of canned vegtables, soups, and canned fruit along with dried goods like Jerky, Fruit and Ceral, crackers and Peanut butter and water and powdered milk.

I am planning on 3 meals a day this is what I think I might need minumum.

1 box of ceral per person per week (and enough powdered milk and water to accompany it)

1 Can or package of dried fruit and 1 package of Jerky per day. Add in some Crackers and Peanut Butter also.

2 Cans of vegtables and a package of Jerky a day for dinner.

2 bottles of water per person per day.

Am I not planning for enough food/water on each given day? I am assuming that if need be I can also hunt small game to supplement the food above.
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Don't forget extra water for your powdered milk! Congrats on getting started! You're doing a good thing for your family... What everyone SHOULD BE DOING!!!!
sidroski said:
Anyone know where you could get a small windmill? May even mount it on the roof (when SHTF, neighbors would have a fit, but F them, just don't want to show up on radar until I have too). Thinking hooking up a alternator to charge marine batteries. Most stuff you need you can find one that works on 12 volts or get an inverter if you really need 120 A/C.
I've thought about this too. Do yall think that we have enough wind here on a regular basis to make a windmill worthwhile?
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