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Stocking up on food??

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I am going to start stocking up on some food you know "Just In Case" I think I am going to start slowly and try to stock up for about 3 months. How much do you think I would need for 2 adults and a child.

I think I am going to start with the cases of canned vegtables, soups, and canned fruit along with dried goods like Jerky, Fruit and Ceral, crackers and Peanut butter and water and powdered milk.

I am planning on 3 meals a day this is what I think I might need minumum.

1 box of ceral per person per week (and enough powdered milk and water to accompany it)

1 Can or package of dried fruit and 1 package of Jerky per day. Add in some Crackers and Peanut Butter also.

2 Cans of vegtables and a package of Jerky a day for dinner.

2 bottles of water per person per day.

Am I not planning for enough food/water on each given day? I am assuming that if need be I can also hunt small game to supplement the food above.
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Let me throw a few ideas your way, I have studied this and a few other aspects on survival. If single this may or may not apply to you.

You should have 1/2 gallon of water for a 4 person family for health, toothbrushing face hand washing ect.. You donot want to get a tooth ache ect.. while trying to survive.

Power, get a couple small solar panels, they donot power much but they can charge batteries and provide power "lights raido small tv" at night. Stick with led lights for the house and for flash lights less power use and last alot longer!

Google eviant t7, its a small protable lcd tv with a buit in reciver for new hd stations, i recive 38 channels on mine with a cheap antenna that it comes with and lasts for 2 hrs fully charged runs about 60 bucks shipped off ebay.

Energy, there are several ways to produce this, if you ave a free flowing well then a generator head/turbine helps About 400 if bought 100 if homemade, easily enough to produce 0.5kw. Pretty much you are limited to water wind or solar, the good thing is that they are quiet so no one knows ;)

food, spend the cash and buy the pre made mre's, some have up to a 25 yr shelf life.

fuel, buy diesel vehicles and store off road diesel, rotate and it helps to circulate it some when stored, off road diesel is the red stuff and it is about 2.20 a gallon now. Run a fuel filter from the tank to your output to vehicle along with a water seperator and you will be good to go, again just dont go cheap as you get what you pay for!

Guns and ammo, Think of it like this, you will want to be light quiet and accurate. 22lr and 223 can be ideal. I personally chose 22lr .410 , 300 whisper and 223. .410 and 223 is defense "wife and I" and the 22lr .410 and whisper is for hunting small and large game. The reason I chose the whisper and 223 is for the fact that you can make whisper from 223 cases smr primers are cheap and it uses a small ammount of powder 8lbs easily loads about 1k plus rounds" Bullets are fairly cheap and it has good penetration and mass energy. You will want a 22lr bolt gun and some small parts and mabye a semi. Choose a 40 gr 22lr ammo without the hp and stay away from the cci mini mags and such and stick with match lead ammo for accuracy and reliability " think eley primers" and since the lead is waxed it is somewhat waterproof. Wolf match ammo is only around 50 bucks for 500 and quite accurate and you can find green tag for the same or cheaper if on sale. You will also want iron sights and possibly a backup scope with batteries since crap happens.

Just my 2 cents and i hope this helped!
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