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Stocking up on food??

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I am going to start stocking up on some food you know "Just In Case" I think I am going to start slowly and try to stock up for about 3 months. How much do you think I would need for 2 adults and a child.

I think I am going to start with the cases of canned vegtables, soups, and canned fruit along with dried goods like Jerky, Fruit and Ceral, crackers and Peanut butter and water and powdered milk.

I am planning on 3 meals a day this is what I think I might need minumum.

1 box of ceral per person per week (and enough powdered milk and water to accompany it)

1 Can or package of dried fruit and 1 package of Jerky per day. Add in some Crackers and Peanut Butter also.

2 Cans of vegtables and a package of Jerky a day for dinner.

2 bottles of water per person per day.

Am I not planning for enough food/water on each given day? I am assuming that if need be I can also hunt small game to supplement the food above.
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Good idea to start. It is never too late.

I would also recommend more than 2 bottles of water a day. It's a start, but try to have a gallon per person per day. Think how hot it gets in the summer... 2 bottles is going to go quick.

Cheap food to get you started is Ramen noodles. Only need water to fix & will store a long time.

A real good guide to starting long term food storage is here:

sidroski said:
Thought I posted this, what do you store yours in? I've seen 5 gallon tanks that would fold up. How does bleach or iodine effect cooking?
If you're asking me- I store my water in multiple ways. I have a minimum of 18 cases of bottled water stored on top of my safe at all times. I store my other drinking/cooking water in barrels. I have 15gal (4x15=60 gallons) and 30gal (1 so far). I also use plastic juice bottles that I clean & rinse, currently I have about 50 gallons in those. I fill them up completely, with no air space left.

So, I have 140 gallons stored plus my cases of bottled water. Currently, I do not treat my water as I rotate it every six months. I don't think the small amount of bleach (8 drops per gallon) or iodine (2% solution 8 drops per liter) would affect cooking.

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