Story of an OLD N.I.B. Shotgun Shell Reloader

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    Monday I received the NIB 20ga MEC Sizemaster I got off of eBay. After I set it up and tried it out, I was putting the other parts & instructions away. It came with an IMR Powders load data manual. I notice the year of the manual was....... 2006. Since the lady I bought it from put it in a larger shipping box, the original shipping label was on the MEC box.

    Here is my story (from info gathered from that label)....... In October 2006, a lady ordered this MEC loader from Gander Mountain in Indiana and had it shipped to Tyler, TX. The lady on eBay I bought it from lives in Frankston, TX (not far SW of Tyler, TX). The MEC loader was shipped to a large commercial building in Tyler, TX in 2006. I Googled the address. Here is where I am guessing...... This 20ga MEC Sizemaster sat in this building for almost 12 years unopened. Or the lady worked in this building and had it delivered there as a surprise for her husband. Maybe it was not what he wanted and it just got stored away for almost 12 years. Who really knows................

    Anyway....... I am now the proud owner of an old NIB 20ga MEC Sizemaster that looks like it just rolled out of the MEC factory. And....... I got it for a great price.

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    Pretty cool.
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    Good story with a happy ending
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    PICS Please Sub!!!! You know a pictorial history of all the documents, box, loader and such. A picture of the two ladies would be nice as well!!!
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