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  1. nonnieselman

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    Ive been stuck a lot and Ive winched out a lot of stuck vehicles and have helped get tractors and heavy equipment unstuck.
    Id say this is one of the worser (im sure thats a technical word) ive been involved with.

    There is 12" lift and 38" tires under there somewhere.


    700' of Winch Rope and 6 snatch blocks with the 10,000# winch on the front of the Death Star (Tahoe) I couldn't budge it.
    Hooked up 1 truck to the back of the Death Star and it was pulling us to him.
    Added another truck and same thing.
    Before it was all over there was 4 trucks hooked up to me and a 100HP tractor picking up on the rear of the truck to break the suction while i was winching.
    I must say the welds on my home made winch bumper must be pretty strong, felt like i was fixing to stretch the Tahoe into a Suburban.

    Next time i think ill just call the wrecker for them...
  2. patchz

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    Like the saying goes, 4wd just gets you stuck deeper in the woods. But that looks like further out in the field.

  3. stewbaby

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    A few thousand pounds of dry ice and you could have just drove it out :)
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  4. SubGunFan

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    I ain't washing that truck......................... :D

    Just think if both sides had sat down that DEEP...............

  5. Xd357

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    You know I’ve never thought about that!
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    LOL. Well done. Years ago my buddy had a 3/4 ton ford lifted & sitting on 44" super swampers. Naturally we sunk it routinely. We sat it down one Friday night over here between the metro center & the old home depot which wasn't even there then. The pos was notorious for breaking axels the first time you bound it up, which it immediately did this time. We spent a week digging & pulling on that thing. Guy even got his record close enough to get a cable on it, still ain't moving. We had another friend who was in the National Guard & he had guard duty the next weekend. He came to town in a deuce & 1/2 & pulled it to safety after a week. Good times for sure.

    Oh, same truck stuck in the middle of bayou pierre river. My truck, another friends truck & the game wardens truck hooked to it. Doing same thing you described, just dragging all three of us to him. A $100 bill later, a neighborly farmer on one of those huge 8 wheel tractors, like you play with, came down there & got him out that time.

    Next time you got one down, holler at me. I'd love to watch. Might even start drinking again if we have enough fun.:lol6:
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    Dang that thing was in there for reals. Should've called me man the ol jeep would've made short work of it :confused: lol the half a dozen people I've pulled out luckily weren't near that bad. I know how he felt in the cab. Sunk mine at Boggs and Boulders one night and was pretty scary, had some liquid courage to help out though.
    Camera is level with the ground. Passenger front tire is off the ground.
    And word to the wise, keep windows rolled up at all times. This was a couple of years ago and I'm still finding mud splatter in places inside.
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  9. cottonmouth

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    That looks like work!!!

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  10. 94LEVERFAN

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    Was that at Carlisle? I had a game warden winch me up the hill at Bayou Pierre 30+ yrs ago after I broke a u-joint on the back end of my Blazer. Drove home in 4WD using the front axle.
  11. Leadburner

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    Yep. Right in front of the sandbar down that hill where all the pretty bikinis were laying around.
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  12. 94LEVERFAN

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    LOTS of pretty bikinis down there, lol. Used to carry a horse down there, dead broke. Every cutie down there wanted to ride. Told em if they could climb up on him, they could ride. I would drink til dark or so, then load Sam (horses name) up and head home. This was back in the day when they had the old one lane bridge. Used to jump off of it.
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  13. 94LEVERFAN

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    Leadburner, back in the day, we may have shared a beer or 12 down there, lol.
  14. oldguns

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    I stuck a Ford Courier lil pickup truck once bad enough that a jacked up Blazer wouldn't free it. Got lucky and flagged down a road grader that pulled it out easily.
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  15. Leadburner

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    Lol. I was thinking the very same thing a few minutes ago. I'd say it's quite possible for sure. I'd almost forgot about it till you mentioned it, but we hauled some horses down there a time or two ourselves. Those weekends were so blurred by Budweizer it's a wonder I remember any of them. :lol6:
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  16. cs700

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    Great "Hold My Beer" moment there. I learned a long time ago that 4wd is a license to get stupid. Nowadays even my 4 wheeler is 2wd.
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  17. nonnieselman

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    your not goin to jump off that bridge now without dying. The water was only a couple feet deep last time i was down there.
    If you go up creek 11.5 miles that is the farm. Made that trip a many times but i didnt drink, i got to laugh at all the idiots that did tho. There is a very tall sand bank you had to get some speed built up to be able to make it to the top. The funniest part was drunks on sport bikes like a raptor or 450R that thought they could make it up easy but ended up flipping all the way back down.
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  18. nonnieselman

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    Oh now thats a good idea!!!
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  19. Doc

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    Years ago I made a lot of tips across that bridge to visit farmer fields - always went in over the bridge rather than off the Natchez Trace -- as you just never knew what you would see on the sandbar below that bridge --- back then it looked like a lot of the times it was bikini optional ----
  20. 94LEVERFAN

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    Nonnie, that was 40 yrs ago. I am too damn old to jump off bridges now, lol. If you see me coming off a bridge, some sob threw me off it.