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duck hunt sunday morning, had a great time. Very quick hunt. We had a group of about 100 gadwalls drop into the decoy about 5 minutes before shooting hours- it would have been over a lot faster if they would have been 5 minutes later. Couple guys with me were not to happy with me making them wait to shoot.

dog had fair amount of ice on her too, she was loving every minute of it. She is 5, i hunted her mom the day before who it 9. My momma dog cant take the cold quite as well as she used to and her eyes are getting a little bad, but she still loves to hunt. I am so glad her pup followed in her footsteps.

Satchel- 5yrs old.

here she is at 5wks old:

And her is Bella my momma dog at 8yrs old.

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.......... a VERY good time!!
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