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Sunday Showdown

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We're going to try out the Kimbers on Sunday afternoon. We'll be using iron sights and shooting at 50 yards. We are mostly just testing different types of ammo, but we always get a little competitive!
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Am I going to have to vote for myself so I don't get shutout?
sigma74216 said:
Aight jbp us "young bucks" have to stick together sometimes. So no staying out all night Saturday night to where you can't shoot straight Sunday afternoon.
We don't do that anymore. I guess I'm not SO young, I have wised up a little.
It's at my house, so I guess I have to show up. It would be hard to hide in shame with you shooting in my yard!
I figured out the "old timer" secret. I was on my way to work this morning a little before 5, and who did I pass? I passed none other than SGMJody. He was on his way to Starkville to the range. He's headed there to practice I'm sure. I guess "old" does have some advantages!
Since he's been shooting 30 years longer than I have, give me 30:1! I'll place a bet with those odds!
Easing up today won't help tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Now my post makes no sense!
My life's story. My dad always says," My mistake, your error."

Took me a LONG time to figure out what he was really saying!
Maybe I should cast my vote for SGMJody!!!!!

Which ammo?
I just realized, I may have a cough coming on!!:)
Careful, it's tough to shoot while toting too big of an ego!!!!
Maybe I'm THE ONE!!!

Can't wait to try it either way!
I'm getting hooked on accuracy more and more! This is going to be FUN!
We're not as bad in person. But, we really enjoy shooting together and ragging on each other a little bit. You'll have to ask him about all the work he put into the wrong rifle!!!
Good thing we're shooting at my house so I can quickly redress in an appropriate manner!

I'm kind of nervous. I woke up with "Rocky" music playing in my head!
Well, I waited for SGMJody to post because I couldn't have resisted the urge to come up with reasons we couldn't compete. Truth is, I was not shooting my best, but I learned I have alot of learning to do shooting iron sights. I had a ball! That Kimber trigger is really sweet! I had a couple decent groups, but nothing to touch his from yesterday. I should get a scope for Christmas, then we'll stretch it out to 100. I'll probably try it at 100 with irons.
Here are the 2 best groups I got. Keep in mind I was shooting 50 yards with iron sights. This was my first time shooting like this. Like SGMJody said, I found an issue with my sights after I was done shooting. Some of the ammo was giving me two distinct groups and this could have been the culprit. Either that or I was not getting a consistent cheek weld. Like I said I have a lot of learning to do to shoot these types of sights well!

First, the ammo I bought at CMP. It was $35.00 for the brick. I was pleased with the accuracy for the money.

Next is the Remington Target. It is manufactured by Eley. I bought it at BassPro in Leeds, AL. It was over $8.00 for one box.

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To be 1/2 the price of the other, I would say it is a great value. I am going to shoot more of it. You can save $5.00 per brick by buying by the case.
I believe it had a black label. The Tenex had a red label.
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